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Friends Only


Yup, another 'friends only' journal. All graphics, tutorials etc. are posted at my graphics community sealedcards ;)

I am not picky about adding friends, but its best if we have something in common, it can be anything from fandoms to contest communities to music taste :)

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Okay so dreamon_dreamer just created a fabulous new community called requestlines, its for iconmakers to post open requests when they don't mind extending the invitation to others outside of their graphics community / lj / what have you. The iconmakers on my f-list you'd better go join :D


And while you're at it, be a friend and make a pimp ;)

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Well... I finally decided to post a small list of icons that won me some awards.
I didn't post them earlier because I didn't have that many (nor will I ever have 100+) and also because it takes time to organize and upload stuff :/

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